ChennaiPy meet on 22-05-2010

Hi to all

ChennaiPy meet on May Month:
Date : 22 – 05 – 2010

Time : 3 pm to 5 pm

Venue : AU-KBC Research Center, MIT, Chromepet.

Attendees : Arulalan, Balakrishnan(ya its me…), Jai Sathishkumar, Malathi, Ramachandran, Rajeswari , Santhosh, Selvam, Shyamshankar, Suresh, Vatsala Dorairajan

Talk Details:

Talk 1 : Introduction to Python by Balakrishnan (ya its me…)

Talk 2 : ncurses in Python by Arulalan

Talk 3 : Introduction to SciPy by Jai Sathishkumar

Talk 4 : PyGtk Introduction by Rajeswari

Balakrishnan started the session. He taught fundamentals of Python language. Also he gave an intro about bpython.

Arulalan demonstrated how programming is done using ncurses. He shown live examples.

Jai Sathish gave an intro of SciPy and NumPy.

Rajeswari(myself) gave an intro to PyGTK programming. I taught two basic programs with an introduction to signals and callback functions.

At the end of the sessions we received feedbacks.

Also, we planned to conduct this meet for twice a month.



My Own production about “Child Labour”

Hi friends,

I created a small video, which consist the concept of “Child Labour”. I told in this video very clearly about a troubles of children.
Also in this video i have tell about act which is responsible for these activities.

Main Highlight in this video is background musics and text written in this video.
My wish is everyone must see this and give feedbacks and comments etc…

That video is for view:

Child labour (bala).wmv

How is it?

Thank you,
With Regards,

My First meeting in “Zha Mennagam”

Meeting in “Zha Mennagam”:
Hi to all.
    At 1st May 2010, I and My Friends and Junior Friends are joined together and started this Company.
    In this company 14 partners are there. All are having equal rights and powers, but due to some conditions & reasons Arulalan and Myself are in the Accounting department. We are only have the signing authority.
    Yesterday we decided to conduct our first meeting, So i informed all the colleagues to come Kailasanathar temple.
    They are:
1. Arulalan,
2. RajKumar,
3. Sanmugam,
4. Elango,
5. Manikandan,
6. Loganathan,
7. Logesh prabhu,
8. Balakrishnan (Ya its me),
9. Pravin,
10. Yassir Arrafat,
11. Priya,
12. Dhastha geer (playboy).

    In that meeting we discussed about Web Development  & Desktop Development departments.
    Also we classified peoples into above 2 departments. Then we discuss about project alloted to the departments. And to get requirements from the clients, how to satisfy the clients…
    Also we planned to complete the task allot for us.

Yesterday our Playboy’s birthday ya it is Dhastha geer. He gave treat in Ganapathi sweets & Bakery, there he gave pups to everyone then near to that bakery one panipuri shop there he gave pealpuri from there. Then we planned to cut cake for him in “Vaikunda perumal Koil”.
    With suspense we buy cake in ganapathi sweets & candles. Then we celetebrate his birthday in koil as a good and joly manner.
     Then we leave from there, to go home…
     Thats all from fist meeting experiences…

Thank you.
With regards,

Boot camp on Python programming (12.04.10)

Boot camp on Python programming :

April 12, 2010

Dear All,

On 10th & 11th of this month Kanchi Lug Members were attend the boot camp  on python programming.,

which was arranged and conducted by Mr. Chandrashekar Babu on his
SLASHPROG Technologies office at mugappeir, Chennai.

He is one of the experts in Linux users of India.,

And we proud to attend his class ., Because of he is took this camp
after 6 years.,

Various college students and many Lug peoples are came to attend the boot camp;

On first day he teach the basic concepts of python.,

On that day he said while end of this first session all of you can
easily able to write and understand the python progarmming.

Ya., as he told we all are able to write the python programs and
understand how simple and beauty python is.

At the end of the first session he took until the concepts of lists.

While on the second day we starts with the class with the thinking of
“Now we are  Python programmers”.,

On the second session he tooks the concepts of Object orientation.,
file concepts., and more on python.

we thank Mr. Chandrashekar Babu to gave us the nice camp on the
upcoming technologies.

Our Kanchi Lug Guys on the camp :

1. Mr. Shrinivasan.,
2. Ms. Rajeshwari.,
3. Mr. Nandha Kumar.,
4. Mr. Shankar.,
5. Mr. Suresh.,
6. Mr. jagan.,
7. Mr. Raj Kumar.,
8. Mr. Dastha Gheer.,
9. Mr. Shanmugam.,
10. Mr. Logesh Prabhu.,
11. Mr. Shrinivas.,
12. Mr. Selva Mani.,
13. Mr. Manigandan.,
14. Mr. Loganathan.,
15. Mr. Elango.,
16. Mr. Bala Krishnan.,(Ya its me)
17. Mr. Yaassir arrafath.,
18. Ms. Priya.,
19. Mr. Praveen.,

Kanchilug and Other Lug Members with Mr.Chandrashekar Babu

More of the snaps of  this Boot camp :

Fuel Meet on december (14/12/2009)

Fuel Meet on december

December 14, 2009

Frequently Used Entries For Localisation (FUEL)

நாம் குனு லினக்ஸ் பணிச் சூழல்களை அன்றாடம் பயன்படுத்துகிற போது அதிகம் காண நேரிடும் சொற்களையும் சொற்றொடர்களையும் தொகுத்து அவற்றுக்கு நிகரான பிறமொழிச் சொல்லாக்க முயற்சியில் ஈடுபட்டு வருகிறது. இவை பெடோரா குழுமத்திற்கே அன்றி அனைத்து கட்டற்ற மென்பொருள்களின் மொழிபெயர்ப்பு முயற்சிகளுக்கும் பயனளிக்கக் கூடியவை. இத்திட்டம் FUEL என்று அழைக்கப்படுகிறது.

we sucessfully finished the FUEL meeting on 12.12.09 & 13.12.09 at CDAC in STPI,(opp – Tidal park),

Time : to

ya its gone well,

we have gone through so many suggestions on both days, we successfully completed the first 580 fuel entry words translation from english to tamil with in two days. some of the words are so challenged for us, we also completed those words.

Some of the persons are giving thier suggestions in the IRC also, we got more supports on both days,

persons who supports for FUEL :
1. Mr. M. sri Ramadass – Ubuntu Tamil Group.

2. Mr.Felix – RedHat.

3. Mr. Shrinivasan – CDAC.

4. Mr. Sudharsan – CDAC.

5. Mr. Gurumoorthi – Kumaraguru coll., coimbutore.

6. Mr. Nackeeran – Tamil Virtual University.

7. Mr. Arun – ilugc member.

some of the persons gave their suggestions via IRC :

1. Mr. Padhu – ooty.

2. Mr. Prajesh – kerala

3. Mr. Vasu – Doctor

4. Ms. Malathi – Kanchi Lug

5. Ms. Suji – Kanchi Lug

6. SSN eng col friends

KanchiLug Members :

1. Mr. RajKumar.

2. Mr. Shanmugam.

3. Mr. Bala Krishnan (Ya its me).

4. Mr. Praveen.

5. Mr. Nagarajan.

6. Mr. Elango

7. Mr. Yaassir Arrafath.

8. Mr. Suresh.

9. Ms. Ramya.

10. Ms. Maha Lakshmi.

To visit the fuel conversations :

thanks to all who supports…….

My Commercial work in Tamil

Hi Guys.

     Today i finished my commercial work in Tamil. This work consists of Small Stories, full and full in tamil. My brother give work for me, from his DTP center. I have started the work on Monday after 3 days i finish the work. Now the rough copy will go to the party for corrections.

      That party working in P.T.V.S. School as Headmaster he wrote lot of stories most of them was edited by myself. whenever I free i ll do the job like this. I want to thank to my brother to give small jobs like this. So only i can manage my pocket money.

      Guys… U want to see my work, Of course

With Regards,

Heartfelt Condolence (About my Grandpa)

Heartfelt Condolence for my Grand father’s death:
       This is the day that my Grand father death finished for One month. Ya my grand father died at 06.04.2010. He was my only support to things what to do against my mom. I love my grandpa lot.

       This is my grand father’s photo. which has been edited my brother, who running DTP center as “Sri Nandha DTP Center” He having experience about more than 14 years. Here is the photo:


Finished my 4th Sem.

Hi. Guys

Am finished my 4th semester by finishing my last exam. So am free now. I thinking to do something useful in this vacation.

Like reading any language, develop skills, communication knowledge….

I need some ideas related to this. Anyone got any ideas pls give comments…

Thank you