My First meeting in “Zha Mennagam”

Meeting in “Zha Mennagam”:
Hi to all.
    At 1st May 2010, I and My Friends and Junior Friends are joined together and started this Company.
    In this company 14 partners are there. All are having equal rights and powers, but due to some conditions & reasons Arulalan and Myself are in the Accounting department. We are only have the signing authority.
    Yesterday we decided to conduct our first meeting, So i informed all the colleagues to come Kailasanathar temple.
    They are:
1. Arulalan,
2. RajKumar,
3. Sanmugam,
4. Elango,
5. Manikandan,
6. Loganathan,
7. Logesh prabhu,
8. Balakrishnan (Ya its me),
9. Pravin,
10. Yassir Arrafat,
11. Priya,
12. Dhastha geer (playboy).

    In that meeting we discussed about Web Development  & Desktop Development departments.
    Also we classified peoples into above 2 departments. Then we discuss about project alloted to the departments. And to get requirements from the clients, how to satisfy the clients…
    Also we planned to complete the task allot for us.

Yesterday our Playboy’s birthday ya it is Dhastha geer. He gave treat in Ganapathi sweets & Bakery, there he gave pups to everyone then near to that bakery one panipuri shop there he gave pealpuri from there. Then we planned to cut cake for him in “Vaikunda perumal Koil”.
    With suspense we buy cake in ganapathi sweets & candles. Then we celetebrate his birthday in koil as a good and joly manner.
     Then we leave from there, to go home…
     Thats all from fist meeting experiences…

Thank you.
With regards,


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