ChennaiPy meet on 22-05-2010

Hi to all

ChennaiPy meet on May Month:
Date : 22 – 05 – 2010

Time : 3 pm to 5 pm

Venue : AU-KBC Research Center, MIT, Chromepet.

Attendees : Arulalan, Balakrishnan(ya its me…), Jai Sathishkumar, Malathi, Ramachandran, Rajeswari , Santhosh, Selvam, Shyamshankar, Suresh, Vatsala Dorairajan

Talk Details:

Talk 1 : Introduction to Python by Balakrishnan (ya its me…)

Talk 2 : ncurses in Python by Arulalan

Talk 3 : Introduction to SciPy by Jai Sathishkumar

Talk 4 : PyGtk Introduction by Rajeswari

Balakrishnan started the session. He taught fundamentals of Python language. Also he gave an intro about bpython.

Arulalan demonstrated how programming is done using ncurses. He shown live examples.

Jai Sathish gave an intro of SciPy and NumPy.

Rajeswari(myself) gave an intro to PyGTK programming. I taught two basic programs with an introduction to signals and callback functions.

At the end of the sessions we received feedbacks.

Also, we planned to conduct this meet for twice a month.




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