About ChennaiPY meet on 26-02-’11

Hello friends,

Greetings to Everyone.

After long period I had chance to attend the chennaipy monthly meeting. Actually ChennaiPy is a Python group which is conducting in Chennai at every last week of the month. I have decided to attend that meeting so i went to Chennai from Kanchipuram at 1’o clock. I think its too late but i had some works which is very urgent to do. So only i have started on that time. I reached there at 3.45 totally i missed 40 minutes Speech.

When i am entering into the class i saw that Mr. Lakshmi Vyas handling the session with the topic called “Meta Programming”. It is totally new concept for me not only concept that word too. Anyhow i listened it very carefully because it is new concept for me. He explained the class fully in Processional  English, but i cant understand his Hand-writing which was written in that board. After some time he wrote in Capital letters to understand his hand writing.

He explained some programs in live to get clear of that concept. It contains totally 7 programs due to time constraint he can cover upto 5th program. He told that we can cover it on next session but he gave overview of that remaining 2 programs.

From his explanations i got some information
* python Decorators
*Function Returns Function

Also he show a real time project that contains meta programming which was created by himself called “HYDE”.

I Feel that the  Session is very useful and advanced for me…

Thats it.

Revolution OS எளிய ஆவணமாக மாற்றியது பற்றி

வணக்கங்களுடன் பாலா…

ஶீனிவாசன் அண்ணா என்னிடம்  மூன்று மாதங்களுக்கு முன்பாக ஒரு நோட்டு புத்தக்த்தை கொடுத்த் இதை எளிய ஆவணமாக (Soft Copy) மாற்றி கொடுக்குமாறு கேட்டுக்கொண்டார். அந்த புத்தகத்தில் Revolution OS என்னும் சிறு திரைப்படத்தின் வசனங்களை தமிழிலில் மொழிப்பெயர்த்து எழுதி தந்தார்.

நானும் அதை மறந்து விட்டேன் நேற்று அவர் என்னிடம் நான் கொடுத்த நோட்டு புத்தகம் இருக்கிறதா? என்று கேட்டார்.  நானும் சந்தேகத்துடன் இருக்கிறது அண்ணா நான் எங்கு வைத்தேனோ அங்கிய பத்திரமாக தான் இருக்கிறது என்றேன்.

நான் இரவு வந்து அந்த புத்தகத்தை தஸ்தா வீட்டிலிருந்து என் வீட்டுக்கு இடம் மாற்றிவிட்டேன் காரண்ம் வாஸ்து சரியில்லை என்று ஹா ஹா… சரி வீட்டிலிருந்தாதாவது அதை எடுப்பேன் என்று தான். எதேர்சயாக இன்று  காலையில் அந்த நோட்டுப் புத்தகம் என் கண்களில் பட்டது அதை எடுத்து என் கணினி பக்கத்தில் வைத்துவிட்டு சென்றேன். தற்சயலாக நான் இன்று கல்லூரி செல்லாத காரணத்தினால் நான் வெட்டியாக இருப்பதாக என்னினேன். சரி இந்த வேலையை செய்தால் என என்னி அதை தட்டச்சு செய்ய ஆரம்பித்தான் மொத்தம் 512 வரிகள். அதர்க்காக நான் எடுத்துக் கொண்ட கால அவகாசம் நான்கு மணி நேரம். ஒரு வழியாக அதை நான் முடித்து ஶீனி அண்ணனுக்கு மின்னஞ்சல் அனுப்பி விட்டேன். அவர் என்னை மிகவும் பாராட்டினார்.

இதனால் எனக்கு என்ன பயன் என்றால் அந்த கதை என்னால் படிக்க முடிந்தது மற்றும் தமிழர்கள் இந்த திரைப்படத்தை எளிதில் புரிந்துக் கொள்வதற்கு என்னுடைய பங்களிப்பும் இருந்ததால் நான் மிகவும் சந்தோஷப்படுகிறேன்.

இந்த வாய்ப்பை அளித்த ஶீனி அண்ணனுக்கு  நன்றி…

நன்றிகளுடன் பாலா…

About Kanchi LUG meet on 20-02-11

Hello friends,

Yesterday i have attended the Kanchi Lug Meet. In that meet i have met our friend Arul, i saw him after 3 months gap. He takes class about numpy in python. It is like a separate module in python we can do lot calculations containing numbers. Some of the stuff he has shown in matrix multiplication in one line, Arithmetic Progression in one line (A.P.), and so on..

He also explained about Multi Dimensional Array. I had lot of doubts regarding multi dimensional dhastha and arul joined to explain the concept to me. After than we discussed about future batch of the kanchilug.

During some talks arul used the word called FLOPS (FLoating Point  OPeration per Second). He gave task to me on how to find flops in ubuntu pc? I decided to google it and send it on ODOC.

Pravin gave thirupathi laddu to me to distribute for our friends. I kept it in Sanmugam bag some one have taken it and distributed to all our friends.

we finished the class at 5.45 pm when leaving the class Shrini anna gave treat for his birthday party. We had the stuff for Rs. 206/- in panipuri shop. Thats it…;)

I enjoyed the session….;-)

Thank You


Stall on Keryx and Screeen Casting at Carte Blanche -11

Hello Friends,

On February 5th and 6th MIT, Chennai Students conducted the Carte Blanche-11 a FOSS  Expo in MIT at chrompet. On the Day of second there is a stalls to demonstrate of technologies,application,projects… In that stall as in the Kanchi LUG myself and 2 more people placed a stall on Keryx and gtk-recordmydesktop.

Welcoming all

Carte Blanche-11 Banner

Decoration with balloons

Explaining the stalls to audience

We Demonstrate about the features of keryx, how it works, what is the use of it and so on… as well as what gtk-recordmydesktop, for what it is used like these question we explained to the participants.

Except our stalls they placed more than 30 stalls at the same time workshop was conducted few of them are Wikipedia,opensoft,…etc.,

other than our stalls

After the lunch they conducted Debate on the topic “Which one is essential for school students to enrich their Knowledge whether FOSS or Proprietary software” our honorable judge is Mr. Thiyagarajan. My friend Mr. Pravin Kanchi Lug Member participated in the debate on the side of FOSS. The result is FOSS only more essential for students life.

Conducting Debate on FOSS & Proprietary Softwares

Our FOSS side guys

Judge’s Decision

Finally wind up the session at 5.30 pm. After then we people wait for RMS speech through mobile phone but due to time delay we are left before they start the RMS speech. We really missed it….;)

Tux Telling ta ta…

Anyhow the day is very good and superb 🙂

Thank You

With Regards,
V.Bala Krishnan.

Talk on Computer & Linux for School Students

Hi to all,

Mr. Pasupathi asked us to take the class on “Computer components and GNU/Linux OS” to the Middle school students in Perumbakkam village. By his reference Mr. Elango  and Myself (V.Balakrishnan)  went to the village on February 3rd in the morning.

We have reached there at 10.20 A.M., Students assembled in the class room very fast, in that we saw the eagerness of  the students. In the class room Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Standard Students are gathered, totally the class room contains of 34 sweet students.

With the Class Staffs Permission we have started the class Sharply at 10.30 A.M. with one CPU which was   placed in that room. Mr. Elango dismantled the CPU and I have listed the Components which is essential for the system. We wrote the component names in the black board and explained the each component until they got full idea on the components.

Also the Session had a full interaction with the students, after an half hour most of the students asked their doubts without fear. For better understanding to the students we decided to show the components in front of them. On seeing these things class staffs are also intended to listen the class

They Provide one windows laptop to explain about that. Then only we decided to show the difference between Windows and Linux System. We have placed the Linux and Windows side by side for the better understanding. Also we have told that Freedom in using the open source software with the example of Idly, Government Bus…. And Cost Estimation of using proprietary software etc..,

Before Winding up the class we asked questions related to topics which was covered in the Session. We have created an environment like a Quiz competition it looks very interesting to the students, also they came forward to tell the answer.  Finally the session completed with big thanks and applause.

While signing off from there, they told that the Government offered 5 Laptops, 3 Computers, and 1 Printer  to that Middle School. Wonderful thing is they provide pre installed GNU/Linux operating system in all machines to the school. But, lacking of Continuous support in Linux Area they are unable to show their full involvement in the GNU/Linux system. So we told that any clarifications related to the FOSS we are willing to help for school students.

Once again we would like to Thank the Headmaster, Class Staffs and Mr. Pasupathi for providing this opportunity to the School Students.

This is my First attempt in the School. Hope i will do lot…

Thank You.

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan.

First task in JavaScript

Hello Friends,

In my sixth semester there is web technology paper. For that javascript is needed. I have decided to learn javascript after reading the basic things i started to do first task in javascript task is nothing but Matrix multiplication (3 x 3). First of all i did to 4 possibilities after than i will create it for n *  n soon.

Here is the piece of code……

Right now i dont know how to upload the .html file in wordpress. So that i have posted the code in my blog page so kindly copy that code and paste it in your editor and run it.

Thank you…