Stall on Keryx and Screeen Casting at Carte Blanche -11

Hello Friends,

On February 5th and 6th MIT, Chennai Students conducted the Carte Blanche-11 a FOSS  Expo in MIT at chrompet. On the Day of second there is a stalls to demonstrate of technologies,application,projects… In that stall as in the Kanchi LUG myself and 2 more people placed a stall on Keryx and gtk-recordmydesktop.

Welcoming all

Carte Blanche-11 Banner

Decoration with balloons

Explaining the stalls to audience

We Demonstrate about the features of keryx, how it works, what is the use of it and so on… as well as what gtk-recordmydesktop, for what it is used like these question we explained to the participants.

Except our stalls they placed more than 30 stalls at the same time workshop was conducted few of them are Wikipedia,opensoft,…etc.,

other than our stalls

After the lunch they conducted Debate on the topic “Which one is essential for school students to enrich their Knowledge whether FOSS or Proprietary software” our honorable judge is Mr. Thiyagarajan. My friend Mr. Pravin Kanchi Lug Member participated in the debate on the side of FOSS. The result is FOSS only more essential for students life.

Conducting Debate on FOSS & Proprietary Softwares

Our FOSS side guys

Judge’s Decision

Finally wind up the session at 5.30 pm. After then we people wait for RMS speech through mobile phone but due to time delay we are left before they start the RMS speech. We really missed it….;)

Tux Telling ta ta…

Anyhow the day is very good and superb 🙂

Thank You

With Regards,
V.Bala Krishnan.


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