Talk on Computer & Linux for School Students

Hi to all,

Mr. Pasupathi asked us to take the class on “Computer components and GNU/Linux OS” to the Middle school students in Perumbakkam village. By his reference Mr. Elango  and Myself (V.Balakrishnan)  went to the village on February 3rd in the morning.

We have reached there at 10.20 A.M., Students assembled in the class room very fast, in that we saw the eagerness of  the students. In the class room Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Standard Students are gathered, totally the class room contains of 34 sweet students.

With the Class Staffs Permission we have started the class Sharply at 10.30 A.M. with one CPU which was   placed in that room. Mr. Elango dismantled the CPU and I have listed the Components which is essential for the system. We wrote the component names in the black board and explained the each component until they got full idea on the components.

Also the Session had a full interaction with the students, after an half hour most of the students asked their doubts without fear. For better understanding to the students we decided to show the components in front of them. On seeing these things class staffs are also intended to listen the class

They Provide one windows laptop to explain about that. Then only we decided to show the difference between Windows and Linux System. We have placed the Linux and Windows side by side for the better understanding. Also we have told that Freedom in using the open source software with the example of Idly, Government Bus…. And Cost Estimation of using proprietary software etc..,

Before Winding up the class we asked questions related to topics which was covered in the Session. We have created an environment like a Quiz competition it looks very interesting to the students, also they came forward to tell the answer.  Finally the session completed with big thanks and applause.

While signing off from there, they told that the Government offered 5 Laptops, 3 Computers, and 1 Printer  to that Middle School. Wonderful thing is they provide pre installed GNU/Linux operating system in all machines to the school. But, lacking of Continuous support in Linux Area they are unable to show their full involvement in the GNU/Linux system. So we told that any clarifications related to the FOSS we are willing to help for school students.

Once again we would like to Thank the Headmaster, Class Staffs and Mr. Pasupathi for providing this opportunity to the School Students.

This is my First attempt in the School. Hope i will do lot…

Thank You.

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan.


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