About Kanchi LUG meet on 20-02-11

Hello friends,

Yesterday i have attended the Kanchi Lug Meet. In that meet i have met our friend Arul, i saw him after 3 months gap. He takes class about numpy in python. It is like a separate module in python we can do lot calculations containing numbers. Some of the stuff he has shown in matrix multiplication in one line, Arithmetic Progression in one line (A.P.), and so on..

He also explained about Multi Dimensional Array. I had lot of doubts regarding multi dimensional dhastha and arul joined to explain the concept to me. After than we discussed about future batch of the kanchilug.

During some talks arul used the word called FLOPS (FLoating Point  OPeration per Second). He gave task to me on how to find flops in ubuntu pc? I decided to google it and send it on ODOC.

Pravin gave thirupathi laddu to me to distribute for our friends. I kept it in Sanmugam bag some one have taken it and distributed to all our friends.

we finished the class at 5.45 pm when leaving the class Shrini anna gave treat for his birthday party. We had the stuff for Rs. 206/- in panipuri shop. Thats it…;)

I enjoyed the session….;-)

Thank You



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