About ChennaiPY meet on 26-02-’11

Hello friends,

Greetings to Everyone.

After long period I had chance to attend the chennaipy monthly meeting. Actually ChennaiPy is a Python group which is conducting in Chennai at every last week of the month. I have decided to attend that meeting so i went to Chennai from Kanchipuram at 1’o clock. I think its too late but i had some works which is very urgent to do. So only i have started on that time. I reached there at 3.45 totally i missed 40 minutes Speech.

When i am entering into the class i saw that Mr. Lakshmi Vyas handling the session with the topic called “Meta Programming”. It is totally new concept for me not only concept that word too. Anyhow i listened it very carefully because it is new concept for me. He explained the class fully in Processional  English, but i cant understand his Hand-writing which was written in that board. After some time he wrote in Capital letters to understand his hand writing.

He explained some programs in live to get clear of that concept. It contains totally 7 programs due to time constraint he can cover upto 5th program. He told that we can cover it on next session but he gave overview of that remaining 2 programs.

From his explanations i got some information
* python Decorators
*Function Returns Function

Also he show a real time project that contains meta programming which was created by himself called “HYDE”.

I Feel that the  Session is very useful and advanced for me…

Thats it.


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