My Work on GIMP


Today i brought a new executive file to arrange my certificates after finished my arrangements. I saw that a  space is provided for placing Business Card (or) Some Slip which is used to identify our file easily. Suddenly, I thought that why don’t we place our photo and details here in a photo copy.

Then I switch on my PC start to work in gimp i designed the image from scratch. Totally the image contains 9 sub contents the size of that photo copy is just 4 x 2.5. After some struggling i complete the picture;

I knew Adobe Photoshop i have worked 95% percent in that application only.  But today i challenged to do the entire process in GIMP also I have successfully finished it. Well, i learn lot of thing in GIMP some concepts are very easy in doing with GIMP. While am designing the picture i felt that GIMP is Very Slow when comparing to Photoshop,  it takes some process as slow.  I think thats the only thing is a draw back in GIMP.

Here is the Picture which i did….



Thank You.

With Regards,
V. BalaKrishnan.


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