Experience on PHP Workshop

Hi to all.

Today Kanchilug Started the 5 days PHP workshop. For that we planned to teach some basic stuff like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, I agreed to handle the session of HTML. Actually i worked 3 hrs for this session, I collected information regarding What is Web, when it is introduced, What is Web browser, Web server Like these questions i asked my friend Dhastha and googled for some more questions. Also I took notes to deliver my points accurately. 🙂

Really W3schools.com helped me for go through one time in HTML. I grab some examples from that site, and also some tips. After then i went to the Shakthi ITI for workshop. I had quite stage fear but after some time i get resolved. The Crowd consists of 14 Students. I started my speech with a marker by writing the hints on board. Really I learned lot from today, today I explained the process behind the Network in good manner.

Also i explained with examples on HTML which i grabbed from the W3schools. In some places i feel that i should express here in good way unfortunately i missed some points. After finishing my talk only i realized that i forgot few hints. Any how comparing to previous lecture given by myself this session is Not bad merely Better….. 😉

I stand alone for 2 hours to complete the basics of HTML. I got positive feedbacks from the students side after i finished my session, i really enjoyed today. I would like to thank Kanchi LUG for giving this opportunity. 🙂

Thank You.

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan

Handled Subtitle files with python

Hi to Everyone,

I have already blogged that Revolution OS being translated into Tamil Language. It comes to an end Shrini anna translated the entrire movie into tamil. It has been converted into soft copy by Myself and Ramya(Kanchi Lug Member). After then next process is dubbing but Shrini anna is waiting for confirmation of Director who having copy rights to the Revolution OS movie. Before that we decided to provide it as subtitle.

So shrini anna gave English Subtitle file and told to prepare a subtitle for tamil language try using python. First of all i saw both the files what are the things are having in the files then i realized we have to use both files for this process.

English Subtitle file looks like

00:00:04,000 –> 00:00:05,500
I was at Agenda 20002
00:00:06,100 –> 00:00:08,900
and uh, one of the people who was there was, Craig Mundie,

Tamil typed file looks like

Agenda 2000 நிகழ்ச்சிக்கு போயிருந்தேன்
அங்கே Criag Mundie இருந்தார்.

My python code used for this task is stated as follows


for i in range(1502):

For time lines file i used a for loop and stored in a separate file. So it was easy to add in the new tamil subtitle file. Finally i add the extension of subtitle file .srt manually. 😉

May be this code was simple but i take a day to complete it, I feel that time doesn’t a matter for starting. I hope that for next i will do another task related to file handling less than the time which was taken for this.

I learned lot of things during this simple task,(i.e) “Try to convert all negative approaches into positive”


A soilder said to his King we are surrounded by the enemies in all sides. King replied with courage “No Problem, now we can attack them in any direction”. Like this we have  convert the negative approaches 🙂

Hope the code and quote will help to your life 😉

Thank You

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan

Organized and Participated in Spoken-Tutorial Meeting

Hello Friends,

On 08-05-2011, sunday Dr. Kannan Moudgalya Head of http://www.spoken-tutorial.org/ was came from IIT Mumbai to explain about what it is, why we want to do, how to do? Like for these questions he explained correctly and exactly. This Camp was arranged by Kanchi Lug team yes, i am too kanchi lug member. I did my part for this meeting.

My friends organized this meeting very perfectly and on time. Nothing was sent to be wrong, and the meeting held perfectly as we expected with more students occupied in the room. At first Mr. Thiyagarajan sir started to talk about the arrival of Dr. Kannan sir and activities, achievements succeeded by the kanchi lug team. He also explained about one of kanchi lug service is serving by myself (i.e) ODOC due to some issues the service was inactive for 1 month. I will sure that it is temporary definitely i will boost again to start the service in new manner.

Then, priya shares is experiences of dubbing english videos into tamil with us. Dhastha shares is knowledge about his final year and dream project. I really loved this meet up, Finally we got the chief guest with great applause while entering into the room. He comes and speaks in tamil, we realized that no need to do any mediation(ZZzz…) during his speech. Because, we thought  that if anyone is coming from in Mumbai they definetly speaks in english like that. So we enjoyed the speech, he also shows live demo of creating video tutorials. At the end we had a supper meals with all the students during that he answered for students queries. I too asked three queries he gave some ideas for that. We windup the session at 10.30 pm

Snaps of this camp…. Go Ahead

Banner used in the meeting was created by me in 15 minutes, due to emergency i created it in 15 minutes and take print. 🙂

Really it is a nice effort from the Kanchi Lug Team, a salute to our friends.

Thank You,

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan.