Experience on PHP Workshop

Hi to all.

Today Kanchilug Started the 5 days PHP workshop. For that we planned to teach some basic stuff like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, I agreed to handle the session of HTML. Actually i worked 3 hrs for this session, I collected information regarding What is Web, when it is introduced, What is Web browser, Web server Like these questions i asked my friend Dhastha and googled for some more questions. Also I took notes to deliver my points accurately. 🙂

Really W3schools.com helped me for go through one time in HTML. I grab some examples from that site, and also some tips. After then i went to the Shakthi ITI for workshop. I had quite stage fear but after some time i get resolved. The Crowd consists of 14 Students. I started my speech with a marker by writing the hints on board. Really I learned lot from today, today I explained the process behind the Network in good manner.

Also i explained with examples on HTML which i grabbed from the W3schools. In some places i feel that i should express here in good way unfortunately i missed some points. After finishing my talk only i realized that i forgot few hints. Any how comparing to previous lecture given by myself this session is Not bad merely Better….. 😉

I stand alone for 2 hours to complete the basics of HTML. I got positive feedbacks from the students side after i finished my session, i really enjoyed today. I would like to thank Kanchi LUG for giving this opportunity. 🙂

Thank You.

With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan


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