I am Ms. Liz Beavis of the Fund Management Bureau (FMB) Ltd, our agency has the mandate to recover unpaid debts associated with contracts, Lottery fund, inheritance and failed loans and grants etc. Our duty is to ensure that the beneficiaries receive their fund as approved.

We discovered that the total sum of Ten Million Pounds was approved in your favour and the said fund is yet to be communicated/paid out to you as the beneficiary hence it has remained unclaimed since its approval.

My agency have completed arrangement to have this fund paid out to you by a special cash delivery at any of our nearest paying offices in your region or by a direct wire transfer to your account.

To ensure that the fund is paid out to you as approved and attached to your email address, you are required to reconfirm:

Your Full Names:
Current Address:
Company Name and Address (if any):
Direct phone/fax numbers:

Get back to me ASAP for the payment modalities.

Yours Sincerely
Ms. Liz Beavis
MD (FMB). 30/9

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