I Like….

I Like many things which I came across in my life. I would like to share those stuff, to be honest the  list is very huge I will try to list all the things which I liked, some things might be silly don’t get angry about that….

I Like————

Eating Ice-Cream in Midnight,
Admiring smile of the Baby,
Lord Ganesh,
Idly with Coconut chutney,
Taking bath in Terrace,
Mango with chilly,
Making my mom angry on me,
Fighting with girl friends,
black color T-shirts with Tamil slogans,
Comic San MS font,
blue color,
Number 26,
Jaangiri & Gulab jamoon dessert,
Mathematics subject,
speaking Hindi language,
watching Telugu movies,
Dancing folk songs,
Santhanam’s one line comedies,
eating on Banana leaf,
annai theresa,
playing Hide & Seek,
Newton’s third law of motion theory,
paint smell or varnish smell,
single flower,
playing with shadow in night time,
(vijay TV)Gopinath speech,
AR Rahman Musics,
Waking up some one who is sleeping,


It has No end, it will keep going.

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