Proud to been into “Amazing Auto”

Hey Folks,

Two weeks before I had a chance to travel in this “Amazing Auto”. You people can think why am referring these normal auto as amazing. Yes! I have got valid reason on stating like that.

It is a share auto which is moving in and around of OMR, Mr. Anna Duari who is owner of an auto which got 1,06,102 views, 867 likes Youtube Link:  “Amazing Auto”

Generally a share auto contains audio player/FM radio to entertain their passengers. But here, Mr. AnnaDurai passionate on entertaining their passengers with various ultimate features as follows:

1. Audio Player
2. Video Player
3. Multiple pin Mobile Chargers
4. English/Tamil Magazines (Current Editions)
5. English/Tamil Daily Newspapers
6. Wi-Fi (I didn’t expected this feature…..)
7. Game Contests
8. Lucky Prices (once in a month)

Usually I don’t travel regularly in share auto, but one day at late time due to lack of MTC buses I had supposed to travel in a share auto. I got into that auto at “Thiruvanmiyur” and got down at “Shollinganallur” totally it took around 20 to 30 minutes. But you believe me, I felt that I was been into that auto just less than 5 minutes of time like that. I really surprised on seeing those features in that auto. I was sitting inside and looking around that auto, also he used to play English songs like linkin park, psy’s Gangam style, Justin babear’s song and so on…..

I also checked that Wi-Fi connection whether it is working or not. It was working well and goooood. 🙂

I tried to took photos inside that auto, due to movement of that auto I got few shots only without any shake I will share that snaps for you people…. Once I got down from that share auto I thought he might be charging at-least 10 Rs. extra when comparing to normal autos but there too he impressed me by charging regular amount.

While leaving he gave one coupon, Just a moment I forget to tell one thing in that auto he hung few A4 printed sheets. Matter on that paper was “You will be getting one coupon for each travel in this share auto. At the end of every month those who having more coupons he/she will be getting gift voucher of Rs. 1000/-” like that. Great nah…. 😉

I also got that one…. It’s here  Imagesnaps…


Finally after collecting that token, I went to room and my first work was watching that amazing auto video in youtube. In that video he explained about his ambition that was simply awesome… I don’t like to share anything about that video please watch it and like it…

My Comment about him: A good initiate with Great Innovative.

Balakrishnan V.


My Very First Book Which I Have Read In My Life…

Hi All,

A Big “Hi” to all after a long time…. 🙂

I never read any books apart for my studies. But now, I can say atleast one book for the god sake.

Yes! I completely read a book in 3 days, that too in English. It happens in my office, a week before my colleague purchased the book name called “2 States” done by Chetan Bhagat from flipkart. I saw the book placed in her desk, asusually I took that book and looked that shinning & coloured wrapper. Suddenly my inner voice scoled/questioned why don’t you read this book? I just smiled for that question. I sat there itself where I have seen the book. Actually I never heard anything before about that author, topic, and blah blah… But when I saw the message which is written on the last page wrapper, I excited to read that book. That message is…

2 States: The Story Of My Marriage

Love marriages around the world are simple:

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy.
They get married.

In India, there are a few more steps:
Boy loves Girl. Girl loves Boy.
Girl’s family has to love boy. Boy’s family has to love girl.
Girl’s Family has to love Boy’s Family. Boy’s family has to love girl’s family.
Girl and Boy still love each other. They get married.

Crazy rite..?

On the first day really belive me, I just read only 4 pages. While EOD, I thought myself  like all the books which I started to read, this also going to be end. But next day, I have completed almost half of the book. Because of the story,  I get involved in that book and completed in 3 days.

The Story is completely about, a couples who are from  different states one is from Punjab and another one is TamilNadu (Namba Ponnu… I Giggled 😉 ) Once they fell into love, how they are struggling to convience their family to accept both of them and some of fun things happening in our Singara Chennai…. Finally how they get married in front of their families. But the story ends finally in Happiness only…. 😉

I really enjoyed this story, after reading this book I am loving to read more books. Also I got inspired from few people to read more books like they doing.

Anway, All the best to those who are thinking to read this book after this post… 😉

Thank you,

With Warm Regards,
Balakrishnan Vijayabaskar.

Software Stack (or) Bundles

Hi to all,

Here is the some list of software bundles.


L – Linux, 
A – Apache, 
P – PHP/Perl/Python.

LAMP – it is used in Linux Operating System


W – Windows
A – Apache, 
P – PHP/Perl/Python.



W – Windows
I – IIS (Internet Information Services), 
P – PHP/Perl/Python.

WAMP – it is used in Windows Operating System,
WIMP– It contains IIS web server.


M – Macintosh
A – Apache, 
P – PHP/Perl/Python.

MAMP – it is used in MAC(Apple) Operating System


X – ‘X‘ stands for Cross platform
A – Apache, 
P – Perl/Python.

XAMPP – it is used in all the operating systems.

Apache : It is  a Web Server used to run web applications.
Mysql : It is a Database used to store data in a table structure.
PHP : It is a Server side Scripting Language used to create web applications.
Perl : It is a Programming language also used for writing script language.
Python: It is also a Programming language.

I Hope that this information was useful for you….. 🙂

Thanks & Regards,
V. Balakrishnan. 

Article about Proprietary Software in The Hindu – RMS

“Proprietary software has malicious features including surveillance”

Richard Stallman

Richard Stallman

Distributing proprietary software is a form of digital colonisation, said Richard Stallman, founder, Free Software Foundation, commenting on the State government’s scheme to distribute free laptops to students.

Dr. Stallman, who is here to talk about ‘Free Software, Freedom and Education’ at an event organised by the free software Foundation, Tamil Nadu, toldThe Hinduthat as long as there was proprietary software in the laptops, it could not be called a “free laptop” scheme.

Under the scheme, a poll promise of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, the government will distribute 9.12 lakh laptops in the next four years. About 6,600 were distributed last year on September 15.

The laptops, as planned by ELCOT, will have a Linux Operating System under the name ‘Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS), along with Windows Starter Edition. This dual booting facility, however, is a pretence that will curb the freedom of the user, said Dr. Stallman.

“A non-free program keeps users divided and helpless, divided because they are forbidden to distribute their software, and helpless because they don’t have the source code and they can’t tell what the program does or even change it,” he said.

Providing free software along with proprietary software was like offering whisky with water for lunch to students, he said. Proprietary software had many malicious features, including surveillance ones that intend to restrict what the user can do with their own computer.

“With software there are two possibilities. Either the user controls the program or the program controls the user. Proprietary software does the latter,” he said.

Dismissing claims that a network of service centres provided free by proprietary software companies would be of benefit to students, he said it would only increase the dependence of the user on them.

“Proprietary software companies see it as a scheme to encourage dependence on them. They would definitely put money on it,” he said.

Education, Dr. Stallman said, has a social mission to educate good citizens to build a strong, capable, cooperating, free society.

“In computing it means to use free software. Teaching proprietary software is the opposite of that mission. The State should never encourage that,” he added.

Urging educational institutions to take a position against proprietary software, Dr. Stallman said universities should have a plan to migrate to free software in at least five years. “We need to teach people about free software. It would be interesting to see if the government is willing to fund service centres for free software.”

The concern over digital divide, he said, could not be solved by merely supplying technology that took away freedom and respect from people.

“Freedom is same for the rich and the poor. People think of short term convenience when it comes to software but it is wrong to push them into dependence.”

Social networking websites, including Facebook, were surveillance mechanisms that monitored the user’s Internet behaviour, which is an infringement on his privacy, Dr. Stallman said. He was also critical of the many executables available on Android phones that allowed users to make changes to existing programs but would not execute them.

“That is just freedom in the theoretical sense,” he added.


Information for Today – (21/11/2011)

Hi to all,

Information Food for today…. 🙂

* Authentication
Mechanism or process used to identify the correct user.
(Ex- Password based authentication, Biometric Authentication)
* Authorization
Determines or checks the privileges to authenticated user.
(Ex- Root User, Normal User)
* Functions
It is used to execute some set of statements or instruction which is decided by user and also may returns a value.
* Procedures
It is also used to execute some set of statements or instruction which is decided by user but it can’t return value.
With Regards,
V. Balakrishnan.