Added Tamil Keyboard Layout in Ktouch

Hi Friends,

Recently I heard about ktouch Typing Tutor also installed it. Shrini Anna tolde me to explore Ktouch, I saw the absence of Keyboard Layout for Tamil in Ktouch. So I decided to create a layout for Tamil and add in to Ktouch. I successfully did the job. Ktouch is a KDE-Edu package, it is also a cross platform.

Ubuntu users Kindly go for:

$ sudo apt-get install ktouch

You can download the tamil layouts which is created by myself from this link… 

Screen shots of  Tamil Keyboard Layout

In this Layout, English Characters are also visible for user Convinience (File name for this layout : ta-eng.keyboard.xml)
tamil english layout

In this layout only tamil letters are visible to the users (File name for this layout: tamil.keyboard.xml)

tamil layout

With the help of Ktouch we can practice and improve our typing skill.

Before we going to learn tamil typing, We have to first add keyboard layout in our ubuntu machine. If you need help on adding the Keyboard Layout in Ubuntu kindly go here…

Instructions to Getting Started in Ktouch:

Hope that you have already downloaded that tamil keyboard layouts for Ktouch from this link

After Extracting tar.gz file you have Two Directories, One directory consists of Typing Exercises and Another one is Tamil Layouts. I would like to Thank Shakthi Kannan because i got the typing exercises from his site which is

Now, Copy   ta_eng.keyboard.xml, tamil.Keyboard.xml files and Paste into /usr/share/kde4/apps/ktouch you will get these directories after installing Ktouch. Make sure that you having sudo permission to copy in that folder.

To Open KTouch : Applications – > Education – > KTouch

To select the tamil layout : Settings – > Keyboard Layouts – > Tamil Eng(ta (Tamil))

To Start the practice : File – > Open Plain Text File… – > lesson-1.txt (You can get this file from the tar.gz file)

Why still waiting? Start to learn Tamil Typing…. 🙂

Thank You.

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V. Balakrishnan.

Adding Tamil Keyboard Layout in Ubuntu

Hi Friends.

We can type Tamil as well as English in our Ubuntu by simply adding a Keyboard layout. To Add the Keyboard Layout follow as steps:

Here i Showed for Ubuntu 10.04

Step : 1 Choose System -> Preferences -> Keyboard. Keyboard Preferences Window will be opened.


Step : 2 In Second tab ( Layouts Tab). Click “Add…” Button.


Step : 3 Choose a Layout Window will be opened. We can select our Tamil language in two ways. First Way is choosing By Country (First Tab) as India in the Drop Down Box. Another way is choosing By Language(Second Tab) as Tamil in the Drop Down Box. Then For Vairants: Go for India Tamil Unicode


Step : 4 Click “Add “ to Enable the Tamil Keyboard Layout.

Step : 5 In the Notification area an Intimation mark USA will be created as shown in the picture.


Step : 6 We can toggle the Keyboard Layout by clicking over on the USA

Additional Information:

To Change the English and Tamil Keyboard layout using Short cut key. In the Layouts Tab Click “Options…” a Keyboard Layout Options Window will be opened in that Go for Ninth Option expand that option and check for your convenient Shortcut key. After then you toggle from one layout to another layout with the help of short cut key.

தமிழை டைப் செய்து பழக வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

தமிழ் வாழ்க! தமிழ் வளர்க!!

பாலா 🙂